The Top Three Ways People Use Lean Ground Beef

By Sharron Potter

Most of the people who are meat eaters have consumed a meal made from lean ground beef at one time or another. It can be used in a variety of ways to make several delicious dishes and it can be prepared quickly.

It allows both the professional chefs as well as the home cook to be creative and produce dishes that are widely accepted. One of the most popular ways that this type of beef is used is to make hamburgers. These are loved by people in all age groups and from all over the world.

They are made by combining selected spices and herbs and in some cases steak sauce, along with the meat to create the taste that is desired. The mixture is then shaped to form patties which can be fried or grilled. They are very popular at most of the fast food restaurants with each one having their own characteristic taste.

Meatballs are another popular way in which this lean meat is served. It is combined with ingredients including breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, dried herbs, garlic, eggs and black pepper among others. It is then formed into balls and fried. This is often served with pasta and sauce and is a big hit with children.

Many people enjoy eating comfort food and this is why Shepherds Pie with ground beef as a key ingredient is very popular. Seasonings are added to the meat which is then browned and cooked in some liquid. It is put into a casserole dish with mashed potatoes and carrots in layers. Shredded cheese is placed on the top and it is baked. Many people take this dish to informal social gatherings.

These are three of the ways in which lean ground beef is most often used. Those people, who are in charge of preparing meals for their family, can confirm how handy this type of meat is when it comes to preparing a tasty meal in a short time.

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