Write articles for fun

By : David Kurniawan, ST

The problems faced by each blogger could be almost identical, the main
difficulty is in terms of finding inspiration.
This is why articles about how to find inspiration is always busy to read people, too crowded and noisy-person writing it.
There are many ways to get inspiration, depending on the content of the blog and also the situation at that time.
One way is:

Write articles for fun, the point is to write something to please yourself, not to please others, and not to patronize other people, because a lot of other people probably actually more intelligent, more knowledgeable than your own. Have fun, throw your words letter by letter with a cheerful heart. Write something that you enjoy, even when you read it again. Your hobby is very valuable, so when you have fun indirectly will make others around you come to feel happy, this is the nature of humans as social beings, come to feel happy when others too pleased.

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