Thoughts on Making a Great Cup of Coffee

By Tammy Timton

Coffee is a must-have drink for many people. For some people, a good cup of coffee is both ritual and religion. There are people who would rather go without coffee than to drink a cup of coffee that was brewed with inferior beans, bad tasting water, or in a poor coffee pot. Some people might think that the manufacturer of the coffee is what makes the difference in a good cup of coffee. Certainly certain manufacturers use different methods of processing coffee to be enjoyed at home. However, there are a lot more factors that go into making a good cup of coffee. Here are some considerations to think about, when it comes to making a great cup of coffee.

Using fresh beans: The coffee bean is where the magic starts. You can brew your coffee in the most expensive, most advanced coffee maker but if you are using stale or inferior beans, your pot of coffee will taste horrible. Having said this, you need to make sure that you are purchasing whole coffee beans from the freshest sources, or that your coffee bean grounds are being produced from beans that are kept as fresh as possible.

The bean grind makes a difference. There are number ways a machine can grind coffee beans. There variety can range from espresso to standard drip. You will learn fine grinds can be purchased as well. The finer a grind of bean, the more oils derive from the bean which adds to its taste. However, a fine grind will have a fine filter, too. How the coffee bean tastes will depend on the grind.

Good tasting water is an absolute must when you want a high quality pot of coffee. If your water is laced with a mineral or chemical taste then the coffee is not good. You might even end up with a strange tasting coffee that is acidic. This is why so many coffee purists will opt to make their coffee with filtered or purified water. When you do this, you will discover the right water will complement the beans brewed in it. Why ruin the taste of great coffee beans with poor quality water?

A clean and high grade coffeemaker makes a difference. People will repeatedly brew coffee without thinking too much about how actually clean the pot the coffee is being made in is. Tap water might leave a lot of lime of calcium deposits in the actual coffee maker within the brewing compartment. This all can contribute to the ruination of the taste of the coffee. A coffee maker needs to be properly cleaned by way of running vinegar and water through it. Vinegar is definitely strong enough to eradicate lime and calcium deposits.

Filters: There are several types of filters, depending upon the type of grounds that are produced or purchased. There are wide filters for standard drip coffee makers. There are small cone paper filters, and there are metal filters that are reusable. The type of filter that will be used will depend upon the consumer. However, a reusable filter, or a paper filter made from unbleached paper does a great job at protecting the integrity of the coffee's taste.

If you want great tasting coffee, go to a coffee house; just kidding. To make great coffee at home or the office make sure to start with a clean coffeemaker, fresh coffee beans, and filtered water. Buy great coffee beans, grind them yourself, and make a nice fresh, hot, cup of coffee.

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