Food Hygiene Standards For Safer Cooking

By Matthew Dillon

It is important to make sure that the food that you are preparing in the kitchen is safe to eat. In order to accomplish this goal there are several food hygiene steps that must be followed. The setting where you are preparing food does not matter; whether it is in a restaurant or at home cooking a meal for your family it is important to prepare food safely. If you follow these standards you will be able to prepare great meals that are safe for everyone to eat.

The first thing you need to ensure is that your kitchen is clean and sanitary. This requires that all work spaces and counters be regularly disinfected and cleaned. The quickest way to contaminate food is to allow germs to thrive in an unclean environment. For best practice counters should be cleaned before cooking begins, and then cleaned again after the cooking is completed. Not only should the kitchen be kept clean, it is important to wash hands regularly with hot water and anti-bacterial soap.

The safe handling if food is another important consideration that you must keep in mind. Foods should never be left on counters that are supposed to be refrigerated; as this will allow bacteria to grow on the food if you do. Uncooked meats can be dangerous if they are not handled properly. Proper handling requires that you wash your hands immediately after handling raw meat in order to prevent the spread of bacteria from the raw meat to other foods.

Another thing that you need to steer clear of is cross contamination. You can prevent this by always using clean kitchen utensils, having different cutting boards for your raw meat than you use for produce, and always cleaning food surfaces with an anti bacterial spray. Never contaminate your veggies or fruits by slicing them on the same board as your raw meat, as this is a quick way to spread bacteria and make people sick when they eat your food.

Following these few simple tips can really help you to handle food properly and maintain proper food hygiene. No one wants to put others at the risk of getting food poisoning by not handling food properly. For more guidelines with regards to handling food properly you can review the information posted in the kitchens of most restaurants in your area or you can do a search online for guides that help you to follow proper food hygiene standards and regulations.

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