Learn How To Cook With Practice

By Briki Nas

To learn how to cook one of the first things to remember is that everyone has disasters when they first start and even a professional cook will have the occasional disaster. Do not be put off by this but try to work out what went wrong and have another go because this is the way to learn.

The simple things are better to start with till you can get a good understanding of how recipes work. To find those simple recipes you may have to try your local book store, or there may be some on the internet. You could even try borrowing from Mum, Grandma or some of your friends.

If you have not used a stove before and want to get the feel of it, one way may be to boil water in a pot and turn the heat up and down. This is especially important because things can boil over very quickly sometimes on a stove.

These things are important to know because when you get into cooking vegetables and other things then you will have to know when to turn the heat down. It is also important to know how long it will take to cook something.

When boiling eggs it is necessary to cook them around eight minutes for a hard egg, while soft ones take around four to five minutes, and counting the time begins from when the eggs start to boil. With vegetables they usually take between fifteen and twenty minutes and are soft when tested with a fork.

Becoming good at cooking takes practice and the more that is done the better a person becomes at it. There are many tips out there that can help make it feel great to do, some of these can be very simple things like preheating the oven, greasing a frying pan and cake and biscuit trays, plus there are many more out there to find.

Remember when you start make it simple, have another go if it turned out a disaster and try to work out whatever it was that went wrong. And practicing will help you to become a good cook. There should be some sites on the internet you can look up so do a little research on those tips and check to see if there are any simple recipes you can start with and try the local book store.

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