Learn About Cupcake Liners

By Sue Hawkthin

Cupcakes began in early 19th century America and were unique to baking at that time due in part to the fact that they required cups of ingredients rather than weights. It is also said that during this time, 'gem pans' were popular for baking small cakes, and that sometimes a cupcake, before they were known as such, was baked in a small cup, such as a teacup, also to save time in the kitchen. Traditional cakes of long ago were very large and it was common to burn them due to uneven heating in hearth ovens. Baking in small pans, containers, and cups, helped reduce the risk of burning. It is possible the name, 'cupcakes' originated from the small containers in which they were baked rather than the way the ingredients were measured.

Bakers prevented cupcakes from sticking to the tins by oiling and flouring the cups in their cupcake tins. Although plain to the eyes and not exciting, paper cup liners were invented soon after the end of World War II, using a modified artillery shell manufacturing machine once used during the war.

In the 1970's, cupcake paper liners came in boring batches of ugly, sickly pastels, and no one thought how pretty cupcakes could be, even though they were a fraction of the size of their larger, more popular, and prettier cousins. Few people dreamed cupcakes would ever reach the heights of popularity they enjoy today, so no one gave any thought to the papers in which cupcakes were baked.

Today, we are fortunate to have countless options for cupcake liners including plaids, fairies, flowers, popular cartoon characters, pirates, swirls, dots, stripes, designer prints, and animal prints. Mini cupcake liners in these same thrilling patterns are also available for those times when we only want a tiny bite of cupcake.

Due to their popularity, cupcake liners are available in craft stores as well as at a traditional supermarket. If someone is interested to open a bakery business, and specialize in making cupcakes, she or he can find an abundance of cupcake liners available at wholesale prices.

Good looks of the cupcake are essential to feast the eyes and mouth, thus using the right liners for cupcakes is important to set the theme.

Because we eat with our eyes as well as our mouths, for a stunning looking batch of cupcakes, it is recommended to use a plain paper for a fancy cupcake and a fancy paper for a plainly decorated cupcake. This way, the liner and the decorations are not in competition with one another.

A consistent and stunning effect of the decoration on the cupcake sometimes can be inspired by the design on the paper liner.

No matter which cupcake paper is used for the cupcake liners, whether it is plain or fancy, when the cupcakes are on display together, people will wonder how the creator managed to make them look so incredible. They will anticipate every bite. They won't have to know the chef's secrets, and once they taste the cakes, they will definitely have another.

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