What wine is best with white meat?

By Ruth Smith

White wine is one of the favourite wines to drink and can be paired with a huge variety of different meals and meats. When looking to find the ultimate pairing between the white wine and the meal, you have to consider several different elements. Traditionally white wines have always been paired with white meat; however, it can be fantastic with other meal options.

When you buy white wine you need to consider your budget, and the people who will be enjoying the wine. Everyone has different tastes, and although you may be told that the wine is excellent, this doesn't necessarily mean that you will enjoy it. White wine works harmoniously with light meals and deserts, especially appetizers and summer meals.

Pairing this wine should be adventurous and you need to consider the wine that you enjoy and the flavours which it provides. Not all white wines will compliment fish, although you will be told they will. You have to understand food flavours and how they react with the correct wine that you have chosen.

When you go to buy white wine, there are many different things to consider, including budget. Expensive wine will not always mean quality; therefore, trying all wines is advised. Affordable wines can be immensely enjoyable if paired with the right foods. White wine fits with many different meals from light summer salads to spicy Indian cuisines.

A successful wine pairing may be produced from unusual elements of the presentation, and colour can make an immense difference to the appearance of the meal. White wine always looks better with white meat; therefore, people enjoy the meal more. Balance is another extremely crucial factor when looking to pair the white wine correctly.

If the meal is to be the main focal point of the occasion, when you buy white wine, it should be subtle and not have too much of a distinctive flavour. However, if the wine is to be showcased the meal should be flavoursome but not too bold. The two different elements of the white wine and the meal need to compliment perfectly.

Novices should always begin the pairing with the wine as this will allow them a fantastic starting point. The food can be selected and created around the wine, as this is far easier than trying to buy white wine to compliment a prepared meal. Choosing a white wine that you have drunk and enjoyed is essential. You will know and understand the flavours of wine, and be able to experiment with them.

Dry crisp white wine will compliment salty, creamy foods; however, acidic white wine will suit oily and fatty foods. Full bodied white wines are excellent with heavy foods, and light wines are perfect with delicate meal options. However, all of the wine pairings are only intended as a guide and to enjoy the white wine you need to be open minded. Unless you have a wine critic sat around the table you should buy white wine that you enjoy, with the food that you love. If you have displayed passion and enjoyment with all elements of the meal, it will be a huge success no matter what colour the wine is that has been chosen.

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