Wall Mounted Spice Rack vs Door Spice Rack

By Greatness Pendergraph

A wall mounted spice rack doesn't come to mind when you think about kitchen appliances. These simple but powerful items can really make a difference in your kitchen but unfortunately they are overlooked. How are they powerful? Well, it's simple they will save you time and space.

Imagine you're in the kitchen ready to cook your favorite dish but you need a certain season. So you search through your cluttered cabinet only to find that you're completely out of that seasoning or you don't have enough to make your dish. A wall mounted spice rack will save you time because all of spices are right in front you and this will help you stay organized as well.

Are your countertops over crowded with a bunch of stuff. This is why a wall mounted spice rack can be a space saver for you as well. Because it doesn't rely on your countertops at all for usage.

I know it sounds like I'm promoting spice racks a lot right now (which I am) but lets be honest they are not for everybody. Why? Because you might not have a problem with your kitchen like the ones I mentioned above. But you can still use another type of spice rack.

It doesn't matter what type of kitchen you have or what your personal style is. A door mounted spice rack is perfect for everybody. It has all of the functions of a wall mounted spice rack except that it can be easily attached to the inside of your cabinet and hidden from viewers. This will help you stay organized and keep your kitchen looking discreet.

Deciding Between a Wall Rack or Door Rack?

All you need to do in order to decide between the two is to determine what's your style. It shouldn't take you long at all to figure that out. Do you mind having your spices out in the open for people to see or do you like a more clean discreet look.

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