Dehydrating Fruit

By Marjorie J McDonald

If you find your fruits in season when they are at their peak, you will be able to have good tasting more economical fruits when their growing season has passed. The flavor will be there and occasionally they are even better tasting than when they're fresh.

A great way to save is to dehydrate the fruits you are finding in the produce sections or at fruit stands in the areas where fruits are grown in your area. There usually is just nothing like eating ripe fruit! If you find your favorites it's a great time to stock up and dehydrate so you can enjoy the tastes when the fruits are not in season in your area.

Fruit strips, fruit roll-ups and fruit chips made with dehydrated fruit are especially good and are extraordinarily healthy. Almost every fruit can be dehydrated but the most popular are bananas, strawberries, cranberries and apricots.

These fruits can be eaten by themselves or can be used in a mixture of other fruits and nuts. They're also good to mix with granola for a nutritious taste mix. Dehydrated fruit is really healthy and after being dehydrated the fruit can be stored usually for a long time.

Some fruits work well if pureed and others can be dehydrated after slicing the fruit.

Fruits reduce to about one fourth of their starting size, maintain about all their nutritive value and even with no added sugar are still sweet to the taste. They don't need refrigeration, they can be stored in a glass container or in plastic bags. Place them in a cool cupboard where they do not get exposed to light and they will keep without spoiling.

You can make your own trail mix by assembling a blend of fruits after they have been prepared. Some coconut or a selection of several kinds of nuts might be a nice addition for some of the blends.

They also are nice when packaged and given as gifts to friends who particularly enjoy the fruit you have prepared. Just put them in a pretty container with some pretty ribbons and you've a fun, quick and really tasty present that'll be appreciated.

Food dehydrators are the easiest way to dehydrate fruit and several types are available for you to pick from when starting out to look. Just decide on the amount you think that you want to dehydrate for your friends and family and don't forget to also include buddies usually the children and their friends.

The most frequent problem you may have is, due to their delicious taste, the dehydrated fruits may be eaten just about as fast as they are prepared.

Food dehydrators are specifically built to create a constant ideal drying temperature combined with heated air that circulates via a blower or fan. Therefore, the two main components in food dehydration - heat and air - are controllable via the dehydration unit.

A food dehydrator's advantages include:

a) a more efficient usable unit and space

b) a temperature control that can precisely maintain a continual desired drying temperature

c) a fan that circulates the air, thus removing moisture

d) an efficient dehydration processing time.

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