Creating your own BBQ sauce.

By William R. Keller

There different kinds of BBQ sauce in the world. As a matter of fact, in the United States, nearly every state has their own barbecue recipes with different flavors and textures. The variations are so plentiful like thick and sticky, runny and thin, spicy, sweet and many other flavor and texture combinations. The point of barbecue sauce is add flavor and to moisten food.

There are prepared BBQ sauce in many groceries but nothing can beat barbecue recipes made at home. If you are planning on creating your very own BBQ recipes, then there are some tips for you to follow. The first thing to note is that what kind of BBQ sauce is planning to make. As mentioned earlier, there are so many variations. You can make them in a lot of consistencies and textures. They can be used for mopping to keep the meat moist when grilling while some use it as finishing or as a condiment.

You should consider adding liquid smoke to the recipe. People grill foods for that charred look and that smoky taste when you chew on them. This what makes the meat extra special. Do not be afraid to experiment with your recipe. Try out different spices and herbs and combinations. Try tomatoes sauces, vinegars and many other ingredients that can make your BBQ recipes unique.

You need to read on other recipes. This can give you plenty of information and some inspiration in making your own BBQ sauce. Take note that there are many sources for these recipes since there are plenty of recipes available all over the world. If you family has their own BBQ recipes, then try updating it or improve it.

When it's time for you to cook the sauce, you have to monitor it properly because BBQ sauce can easily burn and can ruin the overall taste. The first is to always stir it constantly so that the ingredients will mix well and to avoid the bottom from burning. You also need to simmer the sauce not boil it. A gentle simmer can help release the flavors of the ingredients slowly and avoid burning the sauce.

Lastly, to add some extra flavor and texture to your barbecue sauce, add cold unsalted butter at the end of the cooking process. It will also make your BBQ sauce rich and shiny. This technique is called mounting. Now that you have an idea on how to make the your very own BBQ recipes, go to your kitchen and start making your masterpiece.

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