Lunch And Dinner Featuring Chorizo Recipes Is A Favorite With Many People

By Doug Spain

Sausage is a meat that has been around since the ancient times. People needed to use what they had available, because in those days meat was usually eaten quickly, and not stored for any length of time. Chorizo and chorizo recipes originated in Spain, thus the Spanish have been given credit for this popular sausage.

This sausage is very popular around the globe and there are many ethnic menus today that will use this mixture in place of beef. There are many groups that will not eat pork, so many countries have made this sausage using beef. Others have used goat and other animals. The taste is not much different, no matter what meat you use to make it.

Breakfast from Portugal, France, Mexico and even the United States, add eggs to this meat meal, in the form of either scrambled or fried, to complete a much-loved combination. This spicy sausage is served in crumbled form as well as sliced. People of other countries, such as the Philippines and many parts of South America, also find the sausage especially appealing at breakfast.

There are hundreds of recipes using this sausage, and they all offer a great taste treat to any meal. This topping is even used on pizza in areas of some countries. Certainly there are many meals using this mixture, and hundreds could be looked up on the Internet. Just click on some of the sites offering information about this sausage, and you may have enough recipes to last through the whole year.

Chorizo is made in two ways, either soft or hard. It may be found in food stores everywhere in at least one of these forms. The soft mix is used mainly as an ingredient in recipes. Many slice and serve the hard sausage as a favorite snack. Obviously, the hard type has been cured, so is completely to safe for consumption without cooking.

Especially tasty are the ways in which chorizo is used with tortillas and cheese, in a type of taco. It is also often combined with beans in casseroles. Serve it with steamed clams or prepare a stew and add cod. Mixing it with any other meat stretches the use of that meat and adds a unique flavor.

The history of chorizo is an interesting story. When on the Internet, looking for recipes in which this mixture is featured, check out how it came to be created in the first place. You will find that it was originally a simple way to preserve the meat so it would not spoil during the long winters. In America, "minced meat" was a favorite of the pioneers. This was a rather sweet concoction, but it served to mask the rancid taste of spoiled meat, when there was nothing else to eat.

Chorizo recipes are becoming a favorite with more people in present days than it was in the past. Owners of stores and restaurants around the world have recognized this love of chorizo sausage, and they have made it readily available to the public. It is becoming popular with the general population by word of mouth, with many good things said about it.

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