The Cuts Available From The Best Steak House NYC

By Leticia Jenkins

New York has more quality restaurants than any other city in the world, so choosing the best steak house NYC can be a difficult decision. Once the choice has been made, choosing a steak from the many available can be a daunting decision. A traditional restaurant will offer several types of steak and it is a good idea to know what each cut of meat offers before making a choice.

A tenderloin is the most tender cut of meat and will usually be the most expensive. This cut will be found on the back of the cow, between the rib and the sirloin. These muscles in a cow are very rarely used, giving the meat its tasty and tender properties. Many restaurants will cut the tenderloin into pieces and refer to it is fillet mignon steaks.

T-bone cuts are hugely popular and available in most restaurants that specialize in steak. A T-bone gets its name from the shape of the bone in the meat. This bone separates the top loin from the tenderloin section. This cut is much tougher than the nearby tenderloin and requires a good deal more effort to cut it.

A Porterhouse steak remains one of the most popular cuts available. This cut is taken from the short loin of the animal and also feature a T-shaped bone. Strip steaks are often cut from Porterhouses and are full of flavor while remaining relatively tender. While very popular, these steaks are always among the most expensive.

The rib-eye continues to be be massively popular with diners. Taken from the rib of the cow, many believe this cut to be the most tender and tasty of them all. However, this full flavor is due to a high fat content. For people watching their weight or controlling fat intake for health reasons, it is a good idea to leave this cut alone. A rib-eye will still be among a menu's more expensive selections despite the high fat content.

The rump of a cow offers a cheaper, yet tougher option for diners. A sirloin cut can be found near the rump which offers the perfect balance between texture, taste and fat content. The dozens of steak cuts are available in quality restaurants all over New York City. Read more about: Best steak house NYC

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