Cupcake Decorations for the Time Challenged

By Anya Shiela Richards

Remember the last time you walk past your local pastry shop? Were you enticed with the beautiful decorations on those cakes they sell? Decorating these cakes would actually require a special kind of art that is pretty much evolving especially now that the technology for food processing is gradually improving. There are several people that actually earn a living by doing this craft. They decorate cakes in different colors and shapes. Some of those edible toppers that you often see gracing the cake looks so divine that it seems like you don't want to spoil the overall look by eating any of them. Some are even lifelike, such as those birds that are made of a fondant icing. They seem so real, that it would discourage you from eating them.

If you enjoy baking, you don't have to spend too money purchasing these creations from a bakery. You can also make them at home. The best and easiest way to indulge a passion for cake decorating is to make cupcakes. These little cakes are so cute, and you can decorate them any which way you want, in several varieties. If it is Christmas, you could make Christmas tree decoration cupcakes. If it is your partner's birthday, you could make some personalized decorations on a theme that is close to their heart, such as an edible football cake topper if soccer is their passion. All you need is a good recipe and a certain amount of creativity.

Say you're doing them for Christmas - then come up with some of those lovely Christmas tree decoration cupcakes. And if someone you love is celebrating their birthday, make it look personalized by coming up with something that the person loves. If he's a football fanatic, then you include it with some edible football cake topper. Just equip yourself with some creativity and a good recipe book, and that should do the trick.

However, for busy individuals who do not have enough time for all these decorations, here are a few tips to help you decorate your cupcakes, in a fun and easy way:

Apple cupcakes - Garnish a cupcake with red frosting. This can be made by mixing a confectioner sugar with red food coloring. After which, use a pretzel stick that's dipped to a melted chocolate and make it appear like a stem by attaching towards the cupcake.

Balloon cupcakes - this is the best way to decorate a group of miniature cakes. Choose a selection of several cupcakes and frost them in different colors. Attach some colorful ribbons to and place them at the bottom part of the cake, so they would seem like a group of cute balloons. These will surely look so pretty on the plate.

Footprints -Start by frosting the cupcakes with white icing or a light chocolate icing. Pour some coconut sprinkles on it, to make it appear furry. Place a chocolate mint at the center, which would serve like the "sole" of the foot and then enclose it with chocolate chips, which would serve as toes. These footprints should appear to be like little paws.

Grape cupcakes - These are made by decorating the cupcake with a purple icing and placing some purple gumdrops right at the top, in the shape of a cluster. Placing a couple little green gumdrops will look like some leaves in a vine.

Bed of roses - Add some green food coloring to a coconut and place on top of the cupcake. Afterwards, put some candy roses on top. You may also come up with your own roses and place them on top.

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