The Continued Search For The Greatest Tasting Classic Martini Recipes In The Universe

By Annette Rose

Martini is an intoxicating cocktail drink cherished by a lot of people all over the world. There are even legends surrounding this drink. It has a rich history and an equally puzzling origin. There have been many myths about the creation of this fascinating drink. But it has stood the test of time and still endured to become an admired drink for mix drink enthusiasts. Even James Bond was enticed by this delicious beverage.

The history of the martini is enthralling. Many believe the creation of the martini happened over a hundred years ago in a small town called Martinez in California by a bartender. It is said that a miner stopped by the bar asked for champagne to celebrate finding gold. As the bartender didn't have any champagne he made a special cocktail for the miner and named it after the town. And so the Martinez was born which later became to be known as the martini. There are several other legends regarding the origin. To endure all these years and still be loved by so many is indeed fascinating.

You can find many different kinds of martini like the manhattan, the cosmopolitan, the classic martini and the Bacardi martini. The Bacardi martini is quite an interesting drink. There are a few variations to it and you can try them out at home. It is made by mixing Bacardi rum instead of gin with vermouth and then poured into a frosted glass. You can add a garnish such as an olive to add some flavor and increase its beauty.

Then there is the classic martini. It is made my mixing two ounces of gin or vodka with dry vermouth. The classic martini is characterized by a certain amount of dryness in the drink. A martini can be made dry by lessening the amount of vermouth in the initial mixing. If vermouth is not added, then the martini will be an extra dry one. Once the drink is mixed and poured into the cocktail glass you can add garnishes like an olive and a lemon twist to it. You can now enjoy your classic martini cocktail.

There has been a lot of debate on what constitutes a classic martini. Some prefer it the way it has always been while some prefer different variations of the drink. The martini in itself is considered to be a very versatile drink. There are green apple martinis, lemon martinis, pomegranate martini etc. You can try out different variations and come up with exciting new flavors.

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