The Very First Time I Experienced Gourmet Coffee

By Tina Hudgins

The very first time I drank gourmet coffee I couldn't have been much older than seven years old. At the time my father had been attempting to build a new computer, and he had begun including me in all computer related activities. He had taken notice that I enjoyed working on computers with him, and I had already demonstrated some reasonable level of giftedness at it. Due to the fact that he was the wonderful dad that he was, he encouraged me in it and made it an opportunity to spend time with me.

My parents both worked during the days, so usually any huge undertaking would last into the night... and so it was on this particular evening. After laboring to first construct the constituent parts of a new PC together, and then get Windows 3.1 installed on it, I was quite tired indeed! It was probably 1:00AM, and because of the fact that my mother happened to take notice of my sleepiness, she made me a cup of coffee.

I would not pretend, however, that staying up late was peculiar event during my kid years. It helped that my whole family has always been a group of late night loving folk. Indeed, waking up from bed at an early time has somehow always been a difficulty for my family. This is most likely why my sister still, nearing her 20s, often snores on until 1 or 2 in the afternoon! This, though, I believe is just a little excessive. She is lectured about this almost daily to this day.

Even though I now love a good cup of gourmet coffee, having never tasted it before I thought even this gourmet cup was the most awful thing I'd ever tasted! I have come to believe this to be the average response most youths have to any type of coffee (even gourmet) when they have their very first sip. Until one has experienced the stimulating effects of caffeine a minimum of ten times you'll believe it to be an extraordinarily bitter drink.

It's only after the first handful of cups that the synapses in the architecture of your brain connect telling you: "this stuff is delicious!" In reality, coffee (regardless of brand) doesn't taste "yummy." It's a foul, nasty brew that's the most culturally approved addiction there is. Don't let that to scare you from drinking, however, because coffee isn't a horrible vice. For for the most part it is not that awful for your body, and might even decrease the risk of stroke fatality in females.

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