The Versatility Of Dutch Ovens

By Karl Westinghouse

Maintenance of Dutch ovens is just a part of ritual of cooking for many people. With Dutch ovens it seems that everything takes time. Food is slowly processed and cooked in them, while the steam in them wraps around the juicy pieces of meat and vegetables. When the food is done, it should be eaten slowly and with enjoyment. Then, it is time to clean the Dutch oven, and this also has a few steps. Pour a few inches of water in it, let it sit on a burner, then let it cool. Gently scrub the food off the walls, and dry the oven with a hand towel. After that let the oven sit near fire so it completely dry.

Dutch irons made of cast iron are "the Dutch irons" according to many people who like to stick to tradition, and aren't fond of alternation, and this is true, whatever some may say. The cast iron Dutch ovens are traditionally made to have legs, which is suitable for cooking outside (many adore taking cast iron Dutch ovens to camping holidays, despite the fact they're very heavy). Their lid can also be used for cooking over fire, and if not, it is used to keep all the juice and flavors inside. A bail handle is another thing each cast iron Dutch oven must have.

Once you start using the Dutch oven on the regular basis, you'll get more and more used to it, and naturally, you'll have to wash it from time to time. The process is simple. Once the food is done and out of the oven, let it cool off a bit, and then pour a few centimeters of water in it. Cover it with the lid, and heat it on the stove. Then let it cool off, and use a wooden or a plastic spatula to get the rest of the food from the walls. Rinse it with water, and if there's no more food in it, it's clean. If there is, repeat the process.

If you know anything about Dutch ovens, you probably know they're suitable for different uses, like when camping and when at home, and this is one of their great benefits. An even better benefit is the fact that they are accustomed for both uses. When you use them on the stove or in the oven, you can use them safely, because they have heat proof handles, and when you use them outside, their lid has a lip, so the coals wont fall and will keep the food warm on top as well.

Seen as we live in a really fast world, in the world of fast food, fast decisions, fast cars, cell phones and time, it is understandable why people cannot spend hours and hours in the kitchen making one meal. Using a Dutch oven in a kitchen really is a unique experience, and everything that comes out of it (bread, pies, sour, stews, meat or fish) has exceptional taste. However, cleaning a Dutch oven properly takes time. This is why many decide to go with enameled Dutch ovens, which, if of high quality, can even be used in dishwashers. True Dutch oven lovers tough, disagree that enameled ones are real ones.

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