Varieties Of Wines In Wine Stores NYC

By Marquita Heath

Grapes are the major constituents of wines and they have high nutritional values. They contain a lot of vitamin C and minerals that help to improve man's health. Those sold in Wine stores NYC are of different brands and types. For example, there are white wines, red wines and many other varieties in the city. Most of these wines are named after the grapes used in producing them.

Shiraz (also known as Syrah) wine is one of the different types of red wines. They are called syrah wines because they are made with the Syrah grape, which is usually dark in color. Syrah grapes are grown in Australia, California and France (especially in the Rhone Valley). Syrah wines are served best with meat and stew.

Merlot wines are easy to drink. People taking wines for the first time normally begin with this one. Apart from meat, merlot wines are good with any food combination. The grapes are grown in Italy, Washington State, Chile and Romania.

When you want to get a wine that can be widely used with meat dishes, it is encouraged to buy the Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes are grown in Chile, California and Australia and other red grape areas.

Malbec wines are best served with meat-based dishes. Malbec grapes are grown in Argentina, France, Chile, Australia and California. The taste of Malbec wines depends on the place where the grape was grown and the process involved in their production. Malbec grapes can be combined with other varieties such as cabernet franc, merlot and petit verdot.

Wine stores NYC also have a brand known as pinot noir. Many people like taking pinot noir with chicken, Japanese dishes and grilled salmon because of the kind of pleasure it gives. Wines made of pinot noir grapes are rich in tannins, which are very good antioxidants. The grapes are very common in California, Oregon, Austria and Burgundy.

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