Thinking About Dutch Ovens

By Karl Westinghouse

Many people, especially people who are vegans or vegetarians don't get enough iron in their daily diet. Liver is rich in iron, yet unacceptable to folks who avoid meat. When using a Dutch oven made of cast iron to prepare food, you'll unavoidably get some (even if its' in traces) iron in your food. Anemia is widely spread, and even if it is not too dangerous, I don't see why someone would want to be anemic, if they don't have.

One of the greatest advantages of using a Dutch oven is the fact that they can hold heat for very long periods of time, which makes them perfect for types of dishes which request slow cooking. Most food which need to be cooked slow are foods which need to be tender, so make sure the Dutch oven lid is firmly closed and isn't letting any of the steam out. Steam is a friend of your food, so make sure you keep it all for yourself.

Dutch irons made of cast iron are "the Dutch irons" according to many people who like to stick to tradition, and aren't fond of alternation, and this is true, whatever some may say. The cast iron Dutch ovens are traditionally made to have legs, which is suitable for cooking outside (many adore taking cast iron Dutch ovens to camping holidays, despite the fact they're very heavy). Their lid can also be used for cooking over fire, and if not, it is used to keep all the juice and flavors inside. A bail handle is another thing each cast iron Dutch oven must have.

If you're thinking about buying a Dutch oven, you'll have quite a few choices to make. The first is to decide which type you want. There are cast iron ones, aluminum ones, enameled cast iron ones, and so on. Enameled Dutch ovens have one good side, and that is the fact that you won't have to season them when you buy them. However, keep in mind that enamel is not suitable for high temperatures, so say goodbye to deep frying if you decide to get an enameled one.

If you know anything about Dutch ovens, you probably know they're suitable for different uses, like when camping and when at home, and this is one of their great benefits. An even better benefit is the fact that they are accustomed for both uses. When you use them on the stove or in the oven, you can use them safely, because they have heat proof handles, and when you use them outside, their lid has a lip, so the coals wont fall and will keep the food warm on top as well.

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