Some Uses For A Kitchen Blender

By Mandy Rogers

Many people own a blender that simply is not being used. It is not because the blender is not a useful tool, it is because we often buy these inexpensive machines for one use and when we do not need them for that use any more, they get pushed to the back of the cabinet and forgotten. Check under your cabinets and see if there is not a blender hiding there.

If you cannot find a blender in your cabinet, then perhaps it is time to invest in a new one.

If you have a baby, try making your own baby food. You can place small quantities of the food that you have made for your own family in the blender and puree so that the baby can eat it. It is a much healthier alternative to canned baby food. Soups, stews, vegetables and even chicken breast can all be pureed into baby food in a blender.

Make your own fruit smoothies. Just add some fresh fruit into the blender and blend. Add a few ice cubes, sugar or artificial sweetener and milk. Blend everything up and serve for a tropical treat.

You can use a blender to grind coffee beans. You do not need a special appliance to grind the beans. Use your blender on the low setting and grind to the desired texture. You can have fresh tasting coffee with the beans that you grind yourself. Just be sure that you do not blend too long or the beans can burn.

The blender is also a good spice grinder. It works best on the low setting and is perfect for cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, black pepper or other spices. Remember that the flavor of these spices will be more intense than the pre-ground spices.

The blender can also chop nuts. For a course grind pulse a few times. The more times you pulse, the finer the grind. For nut butters, add freshly roasted nuts to the blender and allow the grind until you reach the correct consistency. A little bit of peanut oil can give a better texture.

If you want fluffy omelets or scrambled eggs, place the eggs in the blender and allow the fast speed of those whirring blades incorporate air into them.

Perfect gravy without any lumps is made possible by blending the finished product. Be sure that your blender has a glass container and do not fill over the half way mark to prevent overflow.

Of course, a blender is great for mixed drinks. It is an essential part of margaritas and pina coladas. Try virgin versions for those who do not drink alcohol. Additionally try freezing juice in ice cube trays and blend with unfrozen juice to make healthy slushies.

One way to get more use out of your blender is to move it out of its hiding place to the counter top. Many times when we do not see a blender on the counter, we forget how useful the machine can be. If it is in a place where it can be seen, it is not easily forgotten. This is a great little appliance as long as you do not forget about it.

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