The Legend of the Good Looking Coffee Bean

By Tina Hudgins

Loveliness is frequently known by the wise to be in the eye of the beholder. However, in the eye of this beholder it could be stated that there is nothing quite as beautiful as the dignified gourmet coffee bean. Nothing is ever quite so delicious, nor nothing nearly so delightfully smelling as the gourmet bean of the coffee plant can have been said to exist at all in this plane of existence. One would not be judged if they were to say for example that I may, however, be greatly biased. I am indeed, after all, an avid consumer. One might even say that I'm addicted to coffee.

It wasn't always such a strong part of my routine. The gourmet coffee habit, that is. It's important that I be honest, at least to myself, when I step into the past and mentally travel through time like we're all indeed capable of. There in fact was a short span of time in my life when my tongue was still virgin -- and not born again virgin, either -- to the taste of the coffee bean. Coffee frequently when provided to a child of few years will seem a awful drink in their minds, because it's actually quite a bitter drink. This will not seem to be valid after years of use, however.

After month, years, or decades of that unnatural secretion of dopamine it leaves its mark on the brain's internal conditioning and quite soon your mind will start to believe that it's the coffee that tastes so good, and not your brain pursuing after the drug-like effects of the drug call caffeine. Caffeine can induce the racing of the heart, and in the unusually frail can indeed be fatal subsequent to drinking the 60th cup. If you keep it substantially beneath that relatively large sum of cups you might live through it, however.

I'm just making this up, I have no idea what the real lethal dose of coffee would truly be, but I bet it is a lot. Let us, for a moment, return to the subject of the very first moment I had my first sip of a caffeinated beverage. It probably won't be a great shock to many but caffeine was initially introduced to me through the example of my parents. As most of you realize, kids reproduce the behavior of their parents. This is no less true even when initially building a desire for coffee.

It should not be an unfamiliar image that is brought to your mind's eye when I talk about this behavioral mimicry. Picture this: a middle age parent, brewing coffee in the early hours of the day to get their body in the zone before disembarking to their place of employment. To many who've matured in such a coffee consuming culture, it may even be solidified in their minds as an enduring pleasant memory of their busy family. The presence of said memory may even have a guiding example that shapes their future selection of morning beverage.

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