A Fast Guide For Selecting A Toaster

By Jane Garland

The toaster used to be the standing joke kind of gift. Decades ago, banks gave them out when you opened a new checking or savings account. They were the one gift everyone seemed to buy for a wedding, leaving the happy couple with several different ones to store or give away after the big day. But the reality is, toasters are a big part of daily lives. They are an easy way to get a quick breakfast and nothing beats a BLT on toasted bread. Today toasters come in a large variety and it can be hard to decide which one you want.

Toasters today come in two, four, and even one slot choices. Two slotted ones are perfect for an individual or a couple. A four slotted one would fit easily into a larger family, allowing them to produce more toast faster, with little waiting. The single slots are fairly new, the one slot is the length of the toaster and the models are longer than the normal model.

Toasters are not just for making toast anymore. There are a variety of items that can be toasted now and bagels are a popular choice. But making a bagel in a regular one can cause a nightmare when it gets stuck and then falls apart as you dig it out. That is why companies today are creating ones with larger slots to insert and remove a bagel easily.

Everyone likes their toast done differently. Some enjoy a lightly piece of toast while another wants theirs as black as possible. That is why it is important to choose a model with a variety of settings so that you can choose the light and darkness of your toast and have it just as you like it.

Another thing to look at is whether there is a button to eject the toast before it pops up. In general, toast pops up when it is done according to the setting that is chosen. In the past, when someone wants to pop out toast before it is done they just raised the lever that lowers the toast. But today, many toasters have levers that lock into place, which doesn't allow you to stop the toast before it is ready. For that reason, some of them have a button that you push to pop up the bread when you want.

Many people don't think about this, but a crumb tray is important. Without a crumb tray, all those bread crumbs that are impossible to avoid when toasting will be all over the counter or surface you have it placed on. A good crumb tray is one that is easy to remove and put back, as well as easy to empty and wash if necessary.

People like things to match in their kitchen and because of that you can now find toasters in a variety of shapes and colors. The toasters of the past were generally all shiny metals and didn't exactly go with every color scheme. That is why today you have a large selection of colors, even pink, to choose from.

Selecting the right toaster is a big decision for some people. It is an essential part of getting their day off right. Because of the variety of colors, slot sizes, and designs on the market today, choosing one can be fun. If you'd like an extra special model, look at the ones that defrost bread, use a rack on top to warm thick pieces of bread, or fry an egg, warm, ham, and toast bread all at the same time.

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