Serving and Drinking Gourmet Coffee the Polite Way

By Tina Hudgins

Manners are effectively what separates man from his wild ape-like ancestors. Manners demonstrate a need to bring joy to others and a form of human empathy, in that you are legitimately deeply concerned with the feelings of whoever your company happens to be. Being polite, within the cultural context of tea or gourmet coffee, encompass primarily two different points of planning: preparation that goes into the brew, in addition to the serving of it. In many cultures it is a sign that you personally possess a notable degree of societal status if you know how to appropriately accept a visitor into your place of residence.

The moment a new guest arrives at your home you should inquire as to whether they'd take a cup of gourmet coffee or tea. Do not inquire as to whether or not they would like it, but instead, which do they prefer. Many individuals will decline a cup immediately as a consequence of anxiety of simply having stepped stepped foot in a new residence. When you avoid giving them the option to decline, but instead simply extend to them the offer of a choice between coffee or tea you ensure that they will have a chance to enjoy both your goodness and manners, as well as the drink.

The next step that is to be taken with some measure of care is the actual delivering of the beverages to the visitors. It is recommended that you have some sort of a tray to serve them on. This demonstrates that it is not the first time you've received a visitor over for a sip of some coffee or tea. If the guest has shared a cup with you in the past, then it is far more polite if you remember from memory how they like it prepared rather than instead needing to ask them each and every time. Do they need one spoon of sugar or two?

If not sucrose, then does your visitor have a predilection for one of the artificial sweeteners such as Splenda, Sweet-N-Low, or Equal? Artificial sweeteners should be avoided unless they are directly asked for. They are both unhealthy, and also widely considered inappropriate for a proper cup of gourmet coffee. Other details for gourmet coffee or tea may include cream, or half-and-half. Last but not least, it is good to have some nutmeg on hand just in case you have a guest with a taste for more unusual flavors.

While it is a fantastic idea to keep something a little unusual ready to be brewed, such as locally roasted coffee only available in your area, it might also be a genuinely fantastic idea to keep around a bag of some of the more ordinary choices around. Most individuals when given the opportunity will be glad to try something new, but it's not without precedent to have a person over that just can't live without having a cup of their Folgers.

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