Learn How To Cook With Practice

By Briki Nas

Everyone has to begin cooking somewhere, and when you learn how to cook you will be no different. There may be a couple of disasters but do not be put off by them because everyone has a disaster now and then. Try to learn from what went wrong if you can.

Try something simple to begin with so you can learn to understand how a recipe works. See if the people you know or your family members have something you can borrow which is not too complicated. Try looking in a book store or on the internet for simple recipes.

If you have never done any cooking before, and do not have much of an idea, then bringing water to the boil on a stove will be a good start. This will help with understanding how full a pot needs to be before it will boil over. It can also be turned up or down to get an idea of how the heat on the stove works.

These things are important to know because when you get into cooking vegetables and other things then you will have to know when to turn the heat down. It is also important to know how long it will take to cook something.

If you were planning on boiling eggs, soft boiled takes about four to five minutes from the time the pot starts to boil, while a hard boiled egg will need about eight minutes. Vegetables are usually cooked when they are soft this may be anything from fifteen to twenty minutes.

Practice is another thing, the more you practice a recipe the better you will get at it. Knowing a few simple tips can also help like wiping the inside of the frying pan with a little oil so that what is being cooked will not stick to the bottom. This is also needed when cooking a cake or biscuits. When cooking in an oven, preheat it first then your timing should match that of the recipe. There are many simple tips like this which can save a lot of problems.

There are just a few things to remember when cooking to begin with, try to keep the recipes as simple as you can, if you have a disaster try to work out why it went wrong if you can, and when you get another chance, have another try at it. Keep practicing as this will help to make you a good cook. Check on the internet and in a local book shop as you may be able to find some of those simple recipes and do some research on some of those good tips.

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