Is An Enameled Dutch Oven Really A Dutch Oven?

By Karl Westinghouse

Porcelain enamel, or just enamel, signifies a material which is made when powdered glass is fused to a substrate usually on really high temperatures (750 and 850 ∞C (1380 and 1560 ∞F). It is used to coat metal, glass or ceramic, and it is usually used for art and cookware (although cooking is also an art for some people). One of the things in the kitchen enamel is also used for are Dutch ovens. Dutch ovens are ovens with thick walls, usually made of cast iron, suitable for inside and outside cooking, and resistible to high temperatures.

If you're thinking of acquiring a Dutch oven and improving your kitchen cooking vessel gathering, it's a good decision, as Dutch ovens have plenty of benefits. If they are made of cast iron, they won't be easily damaged, and even if iron gets chipped, and the chances for this aren't high, during time (this happened in microscopic quantities and traces), and gets into your food, it's actually healthy, unlike aluminum of Teflon.

People who are truly passionate about cooking, if from Europe or the US are also passionate about Dutch ovens, and everything that goes along with them. Having a Dutch oven means having something truly special in your kitchen collection, and if you're thinking about getting one which is enameled, think twice. Enamel is known for chipping off easily, and it will eventually end up in your food, and this is not a good thing.

One can really easily benefit from buying a Dutch oven. Keep in mind you can buy them in stores, and online as well. Experienced chefs recommend buying Dutch ovens made of cast iron, as they are traditional and supposedly best. One of their features are the fact that they retain heat for an insanely long period of time, and also excellently stand high temperatures. The fact that they retain heat for this long means that you won't have to heat the food up, which is, according to some researches, very unhealthy.

Seen as we live in a really fast world, in the world of fast food, fast decisions, fast cars, cell phones and time, it is understandable why people cannot spend hours and hours in the kitchen making one meal. Using a Dutch oven in a kitchen really is a unique experience, and everything that comes out of it (bread, pies, sour, stews, meat or fish) has exceptional taste. However, cleaning a Dutch oven properly takes time. This is why many decide to go with enameled Dutch ovens, which, if of high quality, can even be used in dishwashers. True Dutch oven lovers tough, disagree that enameled ones are real ones.

Cooking bring lots of joy to many people around the world, and buying new gadgets for our kitchens also makes many faces smile. People who are fans of cooking and being outside are sure to have at least one Dutch oven in their cookware, and probably love it, as it gives this special, kind of full taste to food. Many people are against enameled Dutch ovens, and totally pro good, old cast iron ones, but if you purchase an enameled Dutch oven of high quality, the chance is there will be no difference at all.

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