The Importance Of Chef Clothing

By Eric Castro

The restaurant business has seen a significant growth through the years. It has been subjected to a lot of changes. One of the most important entity of this business is the chef. They too have been subjected to a lot of changes along with the industry. The apparels are the one that have been through the most change.

The chef clothing holds a lot of significance and thus needs to be paid attention to. The conventional clothing used to be made up of a single layer of cotton. They usually came in a very few sizes and were only white in color. Having said that, a lot of transformations have been observed in it with time.

The basic clothing of the chefs consists of a jacket, a hat or a torque and pants. These clothing is available in a very simple or a much elegant form. One can choose the type according to the budget. The ambience and type of hotel also play an important role in this selection. If the restaurant is a simple one much emphasis is not laid on the design and the style of the clothing. However in big hotels a lot of emphasis is laid on such things.

It is important for the chefs to look presentable if they are noticeable by the customers while they cook. Hotels in which chefs cannot be seen cooking usually do not bother much about their presentation. In addition to being presentable, protection is the most vital thing provided by the chefs clothing. They must also safeguard the chefs from the intense heat in the kitchen.

One of the vital item of the clothing of a chef is the jacket. The jacket normally has about ten to twelve knit buttons. The reason behind this is that the plastic buttons need often replacing as they easily wear out. They are also unable to go through the continuous washing which is essential. A lot of hotels prefers having their logo on the coat.

A lot of chefs also prefer using an apron or a waistcoat along with a jacket. Protection against stains is the basic thing done by these kind of clothing. The uniforms can thus be used for a longer duration of time. Many chefs also consider using the neckerchiefs and scarf\'s. Absorbing sweat is their fundamental function. These kind of clothing is classified as accessories.

One of the significant parts of the chefs clothing is the torque or the hat. The fundamental purpose for which it was invented was to prevent the falling of hair into the food, as it is being prepared. It is more than often also used to symbolize the status of a chef. A long hat is usually worn by a senior chef. Many things are also indicated by the pleats present on the hat. The modern chefs usually go for the bandana, instead of the conventional hats.

Irrespective of the type of hotel or restaurant for which the clothing is required, budget is the most important thing. One should prepare a budget prior to just going about buying any kind of clothing. It is essential to stick to the budget and buy accordingly.

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