How Many Sushi Calories You Can Expect

By Sally Green

As the public becomes more aware of the need for healthy alternatives to their menu selections, the nutritional value of sushi has come into question. Many people are concerned with sushi calories since it is a common diet food. There is a large variety of these popular Japanese snack foods that should be considered, and to complicate it further, the contents can also be altered to meet the personal tastes of the individual.

Chirashi, or chirashizushi, is served in a dish and is commonly confused with domburi. It contains mushrooms, seafood, and vegetables that have been spread over the special sushi rice. Depending upon the type of seafood used the calorie content averages about 600 per serving. The count can be changed by omitting the rice, a high carbohydrate food.

Gunkan has a count that puts snack packs to shame. Gunkanzushi contains a count that is less than 100. This unique twist is made with a seaweed cup filled with rice and seafood, usually fish eggs or sea urchin.

Inarizushi is also easy on the wallet and on the waistline. Inari is a deep fried tofu bag, or an aburaage, that has been stuffed with sticky rice. This only has a count of about 100.

Small rice balls that are served with some type of seafood or egg placed on top of it is called nigiri. There is a wide variety of toppings used for this type of healthy snack. It is common to have this snack with eel, egg, octopus, shrimp, or squid on top. Nigirizushi offers and average of about 100, dependent upon the topping that is eaten with it.

A very popular form of sushi is the roll, or norimaki. There is a wide selection for this mini meal as well, since the primary ingredient is the seaweed roll with sticky rice. The normal filling is some form of seafood, which again changes the amount to be expected for calories, but stays around 100.

Lunch box sushi is presented in a very distinguished way. Oshizushi was given this nickname because it is a fish patty that is mashed into a wooden box. This traveling snack also provides a caloric intake of about 100.

With a shape similar to an ice cream cone, temaki is a great one the run food. Nori seaweed is wrapped in a cone shape then rice, seafood and vegetables are used to fill the space. The literal translation of temakizushi is hand roll.

With its introduction to the Western world, these snacks quickly found their way into the spotlight and expanded its traditional Japanese role of a special occasion food. The food is always made with the signature sticky rice, and processed with the sushi vinegar to lend the flavor it is known for. There are other foods that are similar to it, but without the required vinegar they are not considered the same, and given different names.

As you can see the sushi calories can be greatly affected by the ingredient choices selected. For those who have a very strict regime they are following, the option to not eat the rice will lower the count. A word of caution must always be shared when consuming uncooked food.

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