The Allure Of Dutch Ovens

By Karl Westinghouse

Baking is a long forgotten kitchen art, but also an art which can be practices in a Dutch oven. In order to avoid burning you bread at the bottom, make sure you don't put too much coal under the oven and too little on the top of it. It is wise to put 3 of the coal amount on top of the Dutch oven, because this is how you'll get the best bread.

Making food in Dutch ovens has many benefits, but requires patience, seen as only the process of cleaning has two steps, as it mustn't be washed, or, god forbid, put in a dishwasher. One of the great benefits of having a Dutch oven in the kitchen is the fact that it is very suitable for use outside, like when you're camping. It is heavy to carry, but once your stew or meat with vegetables are done, you won't regret carrying it.

If you love camping, then you must know that there are a few things in your equipment which are a must. You must have a tent, a good back pack, some basic knowledge about camp fires, orientation and cooking in the nature. Have you thought about adding anther must to the camping experience? A Dutch oven will make a great camping partner and it can be used for a bunch of camping recipes (bread, bakery stuff, beans, meat, stews, soups), and it can also be acquired at a good price. You know what you have to do before your next camping trip, don't you?

Dutch ovens have had a few modification through the history, and they seem to have happened from country to country. When they were first brought to America and introduced to American colonies, they retained their classical look. However, the more Americans used them, the more they altered them, and it was in that country that Dutch ovens got legs, so that they could be set above hot coals. They were also made to be more shallow, and an alternation was made to the lid. They added a flange so that the coals would be kept out of the oven.

In the last few decades people worry more and more about what food they eat and how they prepare it. Not so many people use microwave ovens anymore and they take care about things like where they buy the vegetables and fruit, and whether it's organic or not. One can buy organic food and that is great, but if you overcook it or deep fry it, it'll lose all its healthy features. Preparation of food is what matters apart from what you're actually preparing.

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