What Should Be Expected When Purchasing Mini Wine Coolers

By Richard Brown

Many folks enjoy the flavor of wine with their evening dinner, as part of an evening's entertainment with friends, or to relax with their partner. An ideal way to add a feeling of splendour and romance is to demonstrate your wine collection in a wine chiller. A mini wine cooler offers a classy addition to the dcor of your dining room or living room, or even as a beside cabinet, as well as having the wines you want to drink and share ready to serve at their optimum temperature.

What's a mini wine cooler?

Mini wine coolers are fridges that are built to hold four bottles of wine. Their compact size means they're essentially utilised by people who drink wine only on special occasions or by wine enthusiasts who've really confined space. Being light-weight they have simple portability and are favored for using on journeys, camping or even spending a day on the beach, with an adapter enabling it to be plugged in to the auto or lorry. This flexibility implies this wine fridge is often used for other purposes than just chilling wine.

Eco friendly thermoelectricity

All the tiny cooling appliances tend to use thermoelectric technology. One of the key selling features of appliances which use thermoelectric cooling systems is that there's low electricity consumption and they don't contain cooling agents which are harmful to the ozone layer such as CFCs and HCFCs. you have got the confidence in knowing you are employing a product which is not harming the environment.

Temperature issues

Since the primary point of mini wine coolers is to be space-efficient, there is only one temperature sector so you've got to store 4 bottles of the same kind of wine. Typically this is not a problem has most individuals have a leaning towards a particular kind. Folk have revealed that not all of the bottles are chilled at the same temperature with it varying more the further the bottles are from the vent. Some defeat this by revolving the bottles they're going to use next. One of the standard problems flagged by patrons in reviews is that the temperature inside the wine fridge was influenced by room temperature. it was tricky to utterly chill wines on terribly hot days. This wasn't so much a difficulty when air con was used in the room.

Noise control

Some people whinged about noise and heat generation when running their mini wine cooler but so long as sufficient space is left round the wine fridge to ensure proper ventilation it should be just about silent and vibration free.

Features of different 4 bottle wine coolers

The Haier 4 bottle wine cooler HVTS04ABB is a good wine chiller at the fair price range of $60-$100. It's an enticing wine fridge with an all-black dcor illuminated with a soft interior blue light. Double pane smoked glass doors look great while also protecting your wine. There are three racks within and a temperature range of 45-65F.

If you want a different finish to fit your dcor, the Chambrer 4 bottle wine coolers offer simulated stainless-steel, real stainless steel with red LED display, and chrome with blue lights. Eight pre-set temperatures provide the chance to select a appropriate wine temperature between 45F and 68F. This wine cooler has the benefit of being able to store regular (750ml) and jumbo (1500ml) bottles. It is more expensive being in the $140-$180 price bracket.

Another 4 bottle wine cooler, the Koolatron WC04, provides the option of being mounted on the wall or can be a stand alone unit in either a vertical or horizontal position. This versatility makes it excellent for those with little or awkward space.

For fitting into a little space or for using as a portable wine fridge, mini wine coolers are perfect for classily showing and preserving your wines.

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