Quick Tips on Crystal Glasses

By Nathan Hall

The crystal glass is beautiful because it has a superior index of refraction than regular glass, while its lead content makes it easier to cut into amazing brilliant patterns. This is the reason why the best glassware is made of crystal. The top drinks such as crystal champagne need a crystal glass for their refined taste. In this article, we'll discuss about different kinds of crystal glassware such as cut, blown, lead and non-lead crystal.

Glass is produced by mixing sand and limestone at high temperatures, but crystal is formed when limestone is replaced with lead. If the glass contains at least 24% lead oxide then according to the standards, this is lead crystal, which is the authentic crystal. If you replace limestone with barium oxide you produce the non-lead crystal which is only considered a brilliant form of glass. Crystal glass although very beautiful can easily shatter. It's quite sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, so avoid pouring an ice cold drink or a boiling hot liquid into a crystal glass.

The cut crystal glasses are produced by cutting patterns on the surface of the glass. A craftsman uses a carving wheel to create the most gorgeous models that reflect light in a fantastic way. Cutting a crystal glass is a meticulous procedure that occurs after the glass was already been blown. Blown crystal flutes are made by blowing with the mouth through a pipe with melted crystal but today most of them are made using a machine rather of a human worker. When the glassware was been blown, it goes to the craftsman to be cut. The most popular crystal glassware is produced for wine and champagne.

The presence of lead in the crystal glass can be slightly unhealthy. You shouldn't serve pregnant women or children any beverage from crystal glassware. It was researched that the lead can leach into acid drinks. Hence there are other alternatives to lead crystal these days even if they can't be polished up the same way as authentic crystal. A simple way of preventing the lead leach is to soak the new crystal stemware in vinegar for 24h prior to using it.

Remember that crystal champagne is ideally served in a crystal glass since this unique champagne makes crystal champagne glasses glow brilliantly. Learn this information if you need to know more when you buy a related item. Toasting from a crystal glass should always be matched with a expensive or elevated beverage and since the crystal champagne price truly represents a top quality champagne, it's beautiful and sophisticated to serve crystal champagne in a crystal glass.

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