A Fall Soup Recipe

By Kathy Smith

The overall family of aunts, grandmothers and other relatives has long been trading fall stew tested recipes for as long as I'm able to remember. Growing up, fall Stew had been typically on the menu at relatives parties, particularly the those in early fall season and my family would continue to serve it on through the cold winter months. It is hearty and warms up the muscles, which is really great. This is a excellent, hearty and also comforting dish; ideal for once the leaves begin transforming colors or on a cold day. This specific recipes produces enough for around six-eight people, dependant upon whatever else is dished up with the stew.

Fall Recipe:

one pounds of diced pork
one pounds of diced beef for simmering
2 lbs . of chicken. You may use either white or dark meat or possibly a mix of the two works well. We choose to work with chicken that still contains the skin and also bones in tact. The skin plus bones deliver a pleasant additional flavour for the dish. Alternatively, in case wellness is really a priority, boneless, skin free chicken breasts deliver the results adequately.

Two cups of diced tomatoes. If you work with canned tomatoes, be sure you use unsalted canned tomatoes, otherwise deduct the additional salt from this particular list of ingredients to prevent the soup from becoming too salty.

one cup of corn kernels, either fresh off the cob or drained
quart of shelled butter beans (lima beans works in a pinch)
one pound of fresh or thawed okra
1 yellow onion, peeled plus diced into little portions
one tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
Water to cover the ingredients inside pot

Half dozen medium-sized white or yellow potatoes, skinned and chopped into even portions

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