Crystal Champagne Secrets

By Morcov Andrei

Crystal Champagne is a sparkling white wine that is produced in the Champagne region of France. The history and reputation of this unique region are enshrined in international law, ensuring that, in most countries worldwide, only sparkling wine from this specific region can be labelled as champagne, like Crystal Champagne.

While many other countries and regions produce sparkling wines that may be superficially similar to Crystal Champagne, and many casual drinkers may not see the distinction, laws are in place to ensure that consumers of brands such as Crystal Champagne are protected from inferior product. It may seem that wrapping something as luxurious as Crystal Champagne in dry legal arguments about correct labelling could threaten to draw focus from the pleasure that it is meant to provide. In fact, it is the exclusivity that these laws protect that make Crystal Champagne what it is, a drink of elegant distinction unlike any other.

Crystal Champagne is produced using a traditional process of fermentation dating back hundreds of years. These unique methods are known as the 'method champenoise' and are also protected by law. You can be sure when buying Crystal Champagne that you are getting the highest quality product produced through the careful implementation of these exclusive processes.

Raising a glass of Crystal Champagne at a family wedding, a christening or a birthday has, for many of us, become an integral part of life's celebrations. The reputation that is protected both legally and through the exclusive production process is essential in creating the aura of Crystal Champagne that makes it so central to these events.

Can you imagine toasting the happy couple with Spanish Cava, or celebrating landmark birthdays with a chilled glass of Italian Spumante? That's not to say that there is not much to appreciate in Crystal Champagne's rival sparkling wines, it is simply to point out that certain special something that sharing a glass of Crystal Champagne brings to an occasion. As Samuel Johnson said; "the feeling of friendship is like that of being comfortably filled with roast beef; love, like being enlivened with champagne". For many of us the reverse effect is also true; sharing a good meal with those we care about may make us relish our friendships, while sharing a glass of Crystal Champagne often makes us realise how beloved they are.

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