Coffee Makers A-Go-Go! Which Pots are Best?

By Ray Marsh

When it's time to buy a new coffee maker, how in the world can a person go about selecting the "one" that is just perfect for your needs? Coffee is one of those drinks that's an important part of people's lives, so how about if you perform an objective evaluation of the role coffee plays in your life? When it's time for your coffee, do you drink only a single cup, or more? For some, they prefer to drink slowly and savor the taste; it's more like sipping than drinking. Are you the only person where you live who drinks coffee? Of course lots of people work outside their home; so do you make a cup to drink on the way to work? Do you take advantage of auto on/off features, or automatic brewing?

If ninety dollars is within your budget, and you appreciate quality plus something lots of other people seem to like a lot, then the Zojirushi EC-BD15BA Fresh Brew Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker is worth your attention. The reason that this particular coffee pot is so popular is its design. It's made out of stainless steel so you don't have to worry about your coffee getting cold. Part of the normal brewing process is to dispense the fresh coffee in a thermos type of carafe. The thermos feature is really great because it solves the problem of keeping the coffee hot as well as prevents it from becoming bitter as hours pass by.

But not all coffee lovers prefer investing so much, and that is perfectly understandable; so in that case then the Black and Decker DCM2500B SmartBrew Coffeemaker could be a perfect decision. At the time of this article's writing, this coffee maker is just under forty dollars. Black and Decker is a highly respected appliance brand. Their range of expertise is from hand drills to coffee makers. Their name is synonymous with quality and reliability, and their name is also trusted by many people.

The DCM2500B SmartBrew offers a wide range of coffee making automation and convenience factors that will satisfy any coffee drinker.

The Krups KM1000 10-Cup Stainless Steel Coffeemaker is the most popular out of all of the different Krups coffee makers that you can buy online. While this sells for somewhere around fifty dollars which isn't really that inexpensive it is a brand known for it's longevity of use. This nice looking coffee pot isn't well known for it's features but it does look good on the shelf. Simple but stylish.

As you know, there is no short supply of home coffee makers on the market. Sometimes your choice will be made solely upon pricing. Yet, there are avid coffee lovers who will put more emphasis on other areas. Moving to other people, they are more attracted to things such as style or other features. So, assess your needs and then check out what's available to you.

Being a brand loyalist can make your coffee maker chioce daunting. Decide what you want your coffee maker to do for you before you decide what coffee maker you want to buy. If you have an idea of what you are looking for when you start shopping it will help. This is the most simple way to be completely prepared to shop for your next coffee pot not to mention it will likely save you a multitude of time you might otherwise spend trying to compare each pot to the other.

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