A Meat Slicer Makes Food Preparation Fast And Easy

By Eric J. Griffiths

The economy has forced families to think about what is necessary and what is luxury. Eating out at sandwich shops is now seen for the privilege that it is, with each sandwich costing much more than what it would cost if made at home. Couples who entertain frequently are also in need of the penny pinching reality check when it comes to the typical finger foods usually outsourced and bought already packaged in a platter at grocery or warehouse stores.

Meat slicers come in a range of prices and models that are all capable of creating professional results in-house. The most basic slicers come in at one hundred dollars and models closest to emulating deli quality are under five hundred. Comparisons between buying your own meat roast and slicing it at home against buying sliced meat at the deli results in almost triple the difference in price making the pros of owning a meat slicer undeniable.

Many types of meat slicer models exist and it is important to keep in mind that more money equals more power. Automatically buying a more expensive model, however, may not be appropriate for your needs and so thinking about how often you will use your appliance is necessary. Don't limit your slicer to only meats. They can take on anything from meats to fruits and vegetables.

Manual and automatic models are both available, but automatic has a leg-up on the manual competition and the price is comparable with better results saving both time and energy. The speed of slicing on automatic devices is usually only 1 speed and so they are more likely separated by their blade sizes that run from 7 to 14 inches. The smaller the blade the lighter the use, so think about what needs to be cut in your home before falling in love with a larger blade model.

If you anticipate heavy use, purchasing a larger bladed meat slicer at about the ten-inch diameter is the right choice. Large bladed meat slicers are equipped with larger capacity carriages that will allow for continuous cutting of meats and foods without emptying the collected slices.

If as a parent your mind naturally fixates on what can go wrong from owning an appliance with a very sharp blade, the good news is that all home models come with safety locks to keep your family safe from accidents.

Whether light or heavy use, budget friendly or expensive, there exists a meat slicer appropriate to any occasion. Examples of both low and high-end slicers are the Chef's Choice 610 and the Chef's Choice Meat Slicer Professional Model 667 with prices ranging from $100 to $470. Both slicers are durable, reliable and capable of slicing any meats. The 610 model's 7-inch diameter blade lends itself to having to prep roast sizes beforehand due to the slicer's smaller size. The 667, on the other hand, can handle any size roast as well as a variety of other foods.

Depending on your needs and your budget, meat slicers are an appliance you don't know the value of until you put your habits up to scrutiny and decide if making a small investment is worth the payoff in savings.

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