Custom Cutting Board Types And Advantages

By Tammy Blanchard

Cutting boards have been around for years and years, there have been many advances in making and choosing a custom cutting board over time. Now looking for a one that is not a bacteria breeding ground is essential. It is recommended that one that is easily cleaned as to stop any kind of food contamination.

Wooden ones are usually crafted from the hard wood of maple. Other woods today are being used such as bamboo for its hardness and ability to resist bacteria. One of the best features for one of this type is that they are easiest on the edge of a knife.

Plastic is now also used as a choice and most are very affordable. These will be found in most stores and in a variety of colors in desired. Whether it is flexible or hard is only a small part of the options with these. Ones that are flexible seem to be liked for the way food could be transferred from one place to another. Their harder counterparts are very durable and yet be used as a trivet if needed.

Many creative designs fitting into a simple to complex decor are the glass designs. If not used for its intended purpose would make a wonderful counter protector, as they are heat resistant. These are often the hardest on a knife and can have an annoying sound while slicing, however still the most sanitary.

Some of the newer designs are made from a combination of for example wood and plastic, or even recycled paper and resins. Most of these are able to put in a dishwasher for cleaning and keeping them sanitary.

How many of these do homes actually need that is up to the people using them. It is nice to have a couple small ones and a larger board. They could be designated for particular types of food, like one custom cutting board for fruits and vegetables and another for breads, and of course one for meats.

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