Charcoal Briquets For The Best Grilling Results

By Traci Roberts

Many believe that charcoal briquets make for the best results when grilling. The flavor just causes the dish to taste better, for meats and vegetables and even fruit. One of the reasons some grill experts say it's their favorite way to grill is because it has more of an even temperature.

And although the heat can be pretty hot it works great for that reason when charring something or searing it. Plus the smokey flavor has a great taste compared to a gas type. If you like to smoke certain foods then this is the better way than using gas.

The grill itself is a lot less expensive, and the coal verses gas is a lot cheaper too. Clean up may take more time because of having to dump the ashes, still it's worth it when it comes to flavor and heat. To warm up a gas type may take ten minutes where as a coal type may take about twenty minutes.

But once you light it up and then go do your food preparation, it should be completely heated and ready to use by the time you're ready to put your food on it. Since it gets so hot, hotter than the other gas types of grills, your food gets done faster. For added flavor you can put pecan or other flavored wood chips onto the fire, it's causes a more natural smoke flavor.

Actually besides the gas and coal there are even more ways to doing a cookout. For instance some use real wood, and there are other alternatives as well. There is an infrared type now, and many love this for the temperature it produces. It gets very hot but it's been said that it can only cook hot, not low at all, and sometimes you need a lower temp for certain foods.

Which ever way you decide to go, charcoal briquets give you a great result when having a cookout. You just can't beat the price, the taste and the convenience. And there is more amount of control with fuel and air.

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