A Speedy Look At Tasty Popular Fruit Smoothies

By Brigitte Robinson

It takes only a few simple tricks to make popular fruit smoothies at home. The first thing necessary is a powerful blender. The other requirements are fresh produce or leafy greens, milk, and juice.

Finding a good blender may be a little difficult because they are available in so many sizes, colors, and prices. Any blender purchased should be capable of converting the liquids and solids into creamy-smooth beverages.

Fresh or frozen fruits are used to make palate-pleasing beverages. It is good to taste produce before blending. This practice can help an individual determine if sweetener is needed. A couple of ice cubes are generally added to thicken and chill the concoction. It should be noted, however, that ice tends to water down the mixture. Consequently it may be wiser to use pieces of frozen fruit instead. There will be no loss of thickness or sweetness.

Pre-packaged frozen fruits, though convenient, tend to be full of sugar. Therefore, freezing home-grown or store-bought fresh produce is healthier. These drinks will be more nutritious when the freshest produce is used. Overripe produce may be frozen for use in drinks instead of being discarded in the garbage. Leafy greens like spinach and kale add extra nutrition. The fresher the ingredients the more nutrients the beverage will have.

Some of the best choices to blend are mangoes, bananas, berries, and melon. Natural shakes can be made with different type of milks including rice or soy. Fresh or pasteurized juices can also be used instead of milk. A hint of vanilla or other extract can also add flavor. The basic technique is to add the liquid first then the solids. This will cause the blender to work more effectively.

Strawberry smoothies are probably the best known. All it takes to make popular fruit smoothies at home is a powerful blender, the produce of choice, and a liquid. These types of drinks are easy enough for children to help create and versatile enough to be part of a breakfast or brunch gathering.

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