Healthy Chinese Vegetarian Cooking to Prevent Hemorrhoids

By Travis Carter

I consider myself a true "foodie" when it comes to delicious Chinese vegetarian cooking. That was not always the case after a lifetime of grubbing junk food in the car, office and home. My unhealthy diet habits caused a wicked case of painful hemorrhoids also called piles that needed laser hemorrhoid surgery to get rid of. I found an excellent Los Angeles hemorrhoid doctor that took the time to not only eliminate the condition, but shared in easy to understand language how my fast food diet was a major contributor to my piles. She highly recommended I consider a vegetarian diet to prevent my hemorrhoids from returning.

Constipation was a result of poor eating choices. Being irregular all of the time resulted in developing hemorrhoids. I made the firm decision when I was recovering from laser hemorrhoid surgery to make a change and become a vegetarian. Good dietary health was more important to me than taste after having experienced how bad having hemorrhoids was. Then I discovered a Chinese vegetarian cooking eBook online. It changed my thoughts on vegetarian cooking flavor.

I'm part of a bimonthly "foodie" group that shares exotic and delicious cuisine. It is a great way to socialize and taste dishes you might not have otherwise tried before. This is not a vegetarian "foodie" group, so I was not excited about serving a Chinese vegetarian dish. As I went through the cooking eBook I was impressed with the recipes and healthy ingredients you can choose from. The dish I prepared of White Oil Twin Mushrooms was a delicious hit with people.

Chinese vegetarian cooking for past hemorrhoid sufferers and people that want to reduce the risk of painful piles is a great diet choice. Like many people I stressed that my hemorrhoids would happen again. That was a horrible thought for me. There are no promises a vegetarian diet will prevent piles, but many medical diet studies show that a healthy diet cuts down the risk dramatically.

When your body is well-balanced with a healthy diet you don't experience constipation or damaging straining when using the restroom. Too much pressure and strain during bowel movements can result in painful piles. Eating great tasting veggie meals will keep you regular and help prevent hemorrhoids.

Eating a good mix of vegetables is a smart way to promote terrific colon health, but other foods such as beans, soy and tofu not only add nutritional punch, but also mouth-watering flavors to your meals. Chinese vegetarian cooking is based on taste, nutrition and pleasing aroma. Eating right reduces the possibility of piles.

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