Baking Your Pizza Using A Baking Stone - Important Tips!

By Bary Whyde

Would you like to learn the key to baking the very best pizza at your very home? If you've been wondering why some people manage to bake home made pizza having crispy and amazing crust, then I can let you know that the secret is to bake your pizza using a baking stone.

Apparently, baking a pizza over a baking stone makes a big difference because the stone can transform your pizza crust from ordinary to crispy without having any added effort. Getting a baking stone is the vital thing to baking an excellent hand made pizza.

Here I will share a few tips with you:

Pick The Suitable Diameter Stone

This is obvious, when you are choosing a baking stone, be sure you measure your oven first and then try to find the biggest stone that fits your oven. This will make things easier for you when you want to transfer your pizza to your stove.

Purchase A Pizza Paddle

It is rather handy to get a pizza paddle if you are planning to use the stone. Remember to spread some flour on the stone prior to putting the pizza so it will likely to be easier to get the pizza off the stone as soon as it is ready

Make Sure Your Oven Is Hot Enough

Your oven must be hot enough, prior to baking your pizza, turn up the heat at least 500F/250F and next heat up the stone first for thirty minutes, the longer the better. And put the pizza on the top of the stone using your pizza paddle. Remember to season some flour or corn meal over it. Let it cook for eight minutes and then your pizza is going to be ready!


Another great material is soapstone. Usually, soapstone is a lot more expensive than terra cotta, but it can yield a good pie that is crispy from edge to edge. A few models even have a stainless-steel serving plate and cutter so you can bring your creation to the table.

To obtain the best results, you will also require a peel for moving the pizza both to and from the stone. Both wood and stainless steel are available. No matter what kind you choose, top it with a thin layer of corn meal, which will help the bread slide off and on. Sometimes you can buy the stone and peel as a set.

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