Experience The Sweet Great Tasting Espresso Martini

By Jacob Watson

Martini is a world famous American cocktail. Hollywood hero James Bond popularized this tangy flavored drink. Since then martini has become a drink linked with glamour and elegance. Vermouth is the main ingredient added to any martini drink. It is made by mixing various herbs. This fortified wine is available in two flavors, the sweet, amber Italian vermouth and the clear, dry French vermouth. Dry French vermouth is used in many places than the sweet Italian one. Gin is the next main ingredient in the preparation of martini. Many people prefer using vodka instead of gin the martini.

Stir or shake is a never ending fun debate among martini lovers. If you shake the martini cocktail well, you get an opaque drink while you get a clearer lighter drink when you stir it. There are popular garnishes like cherry, lemon slice, lemon peels and the most favored vermouth soaked olive garnish. Even pickled onions are used for garnished martini in some recipes. The original martinis recipe had been modified in numerous ways to produce improvised versions of martini. One such modified martinis recipe is the Kahula martini recipe.

Kahula martini recipe smells and tastes a little like coffee. Kahula coffee liqueur is the main ingredient used in this recipe. One ounce of coffee liqueur is mixed with one ounce of vodka and one splash of coffee in a glass. Fill the other half of the glass with ice cubes. Stir the mixture well instead of shaking, strain and serve.

Kahula martini recipe can be modified to create many types of coffee tasting Kahula martinis like Kahula mudslide martini and Kahula cream martini. Kahula martini or in that case any martini recipes are quite flexible. They can be modified easily to create new exotic drinks. To prepare Kahula cream martini take half a glass of ice and fill it with coffee liqueur.

Mix one ounce of whipped cream, shake well and strain the mixture to get an absolutely delectable creamy coffee martini. Kahula mudslide martini can be prepared by shaking half ounce of coffee liqueur, one ounce of whipped cream, half ounce of Bailey's Irish cream and half ounce of vodka together in a cocktail shaker. Strain this mixture into an ice filled glass to get a delicious mudslide martini.

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