Grilling As A Popular Method Of Food Preparation

By Jennifer Lorenzo

Shortly after the domestication of fire, the process of cooking food over direct heat has been discovered. This method, referred to today as grilling, is among the best loved ways of preparing food since then until today. Charcoal grills, portable gas grills, and electric grills are a few of the number of type of grills that are now available in the market.

To cook through the process of grilling, food is exposed directly above or below temperatures often in excess of 260 C (500 F). As was aforementioned, grills come today in a variety of types. Nonetheless, each of these grills can use a grill, a grill pan, or a griddle as a container where food is kept while grilling. A grill refers to an open wire grid where the heat source to cook food is directly either above or below it. On the other hand, a griddle has its heat source directly below it and is designed as a flat plate. Lastly, a grill pan is designed with raised ridges to mirror the wires of an open grill yet generally resembles frying pans.

As was earlier stated, the history of grilling as a way of cooking food dates back to around 500,000 years ago-which is the time when fire was domesticated. Nonetheless, grills as we know them today were invented in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The earliest forms of this backyard cookware were characterized by a shallow-metal pan sitting atop spindly legs. These tools then used charcoal to cook food and were popularly called Brazier grills. From this milestone, various improvements were made to improve the quality of food cooked and the way how food is cooked. Among the number of grills now available in the market, the popular types are charcoal grills and portable gas grills.

Food can be prepared using the process of grilling in four different methods. First among these is the direct grilling process which is recommended for small pieces of meat. Direct grilling cooks food quickly over direct heat at high temperatures to produce a crunchy and slightly charred exterior and moist interior. Another grilling process is called indirect grilling where food is cooked slowly and more evenly. This method, which is highly suggested for large cuts of meat, involves the use of foil drip pans with coals burnings on either of their sides. Next is the process called rotisserie where food is rotated over hot coal. This process of grilling aims to keep the interior of the meat juicy while keeping the crispness of the skin. The fourth type of grilling is called grill smoking. In this process, a couple of wet pieces of wood are added to the grill to add a special smoking flavor to the food being grilled.

As was aforementioned, there are a variety of grills now available in the market. Among these are electric grills, charcoal grills, and portable gas grills. Electric grills are often used indoors are among the easiest to use among any other types of grills. They are designed to be smokeless and are convenient to use and easy to clean. Charcoal grills on the other hand, as the name suggests, require the use of charcoal to grill food. These types are the best to provide real fire flavors. Portable gas grills, alternatively, are also easy to use and convenient and are often less expensive than electric grills.

Cooking food in the open-air has never been easy with the invention of grills. With portable gas grills, charcoal grills, and other types of grills backyard cooks may choose from, enjoying the food in the backyard with the entire family will always be a fun activity.

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