Wine Classes San Francisco Amateurs And Professionals Will Enjoy

By Paulette Perkins

After completing wine classes San Francisco residents will know many details about vintage varietals and their qualities. A good judge of wine, however, utilizes more than just the taste buds. A high-quality experience brings in a variety of sense organs, including the eyes and nose.

Sight is the first element of tasting. Varietals are judged by the clarity of their appearance, and the brilliance of their color. To see clearly, the vintage should be poured into a clean, clear glass, and held against a white backdrop. Tasters will also note that sweeter wines leave viscous streaks in the glass, when swirled.

Smell helps tasters to judge a vintage's quality. Swirling the glass with the wrist, rather than the whole arm, will bring the aromas of the liquid to the top of the glass. Tasters should open their mouths, put their nose over the edge of the glass, and inhale deeply. After inhaling, tasters should try to identify the smells they detect within the wine. If needed, tasters may refresh their noses, and then smell again, to get more information.

Obviously, taste is the principal part of a tasting. While drinking the vintage, tasters must roll the liquid over their tongues, before swallowing it. During the swallow, tasters should exhale through their nose, to allow the two senses to work together. After swallowing, any aftertaste should be noted, along with the bouquet of flavors present within the vintage.

Some tasters spit, and some do not. Spitting, according to certain aficionados, helps tasters to find an aftertaste with more clarity. Before their next sample, tasters should eat a dry wafer or take a drink of water to cleanse the palate.

The tasting experience is used to assess the qualities of a vintage. After taking wine classes San Francisco students will be able to offer educated opinions on a varietal's complexity, potential, and faults. Courses are available to train the amateur, or to train professional sommeliers and winemakers. Read more about: wine classes san francisco

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