What You Should Know About Bottled Water

By Dana Cain

Bottled water is something that is heavily advertised and is often spotted in the bags of celebrities and athletes. Since people are becoming more and more aware of their health, bottled water has become a very convenient and stylish way of hydrating themselves when they exercise or when they are on the go. But bottled water costs a dollar or so per gallon, and when you buy this regularly, the costs can really pile up. The cost of bottled water is about five hundred times that of tap water, and it causes us to wonder: is it really worth its price?

Unfortunately for us, the answer isn't that clear. Bottled water is vital in some situations, such as when you are hiking in the wilderness or are travelling to an area where the ground water is not safe for consumption. You'd really need bottled water in these cases. Bottled water is also very important in emergency kits, and having at least a few gallons at home is always an advantage.

However, the vast majority of bottled water purchased and consumed is for use outside of these situations. Many people choose bottled water for health reasons, believing that it is free from bacteria and other germs that linger in tap water, or that bottled water is processed in such a way that potentially dangerous chemicals can't leak into the supply. But in scientific studies, bottled water shows about the same bacteria and chemical content as tap water.

So mainly, bottled water is a health advantage because it enables people to drink water no matter where they are, therefore increasing water intake. So many Americans don't drink enough water, but with bottled water, more and more people do, so this is good. If you get enough water intake daily because of bottled water, then the benefits would outweigh the costs. Keeping your body hydrated is good for overall health.

The major health benefit of bottled water is probably not due to the characteristics of the water itself, but simply due to the fact that having access to portable, refreshing bottled water encourages people to hydrate themselves. Most Americans don't drink enough water, but bottled water enables so many people to drink more, so this is very good news. If bottled water is the only reason you can get enough water in a day, then the benefits would definitely outweigh the costs. Staying hydrated is good for your health because it allows your body to easily flush away toxins, and it is good for your appearance. Drinking lots of water also helps you build vibrant skin cells, grow stronger hair, and replenishes your muscles. And if bottled water makes hydration an easier part of your lifestyle, then bottled water is worth its weight in gold.

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