Three Reasons To Eat Vegetables

By Kathy Smith

Consuming salad geens almost each day could be one of the most healthy eating habits you can choose -- and one of the most painless, nutritionists claim. In fact, the health benefits of eating more produce is better for your thinking, your emotions and your body. So, get committed to eating more veggies today.

Eating salad greens is a really convenient way to sneak in some servings of veggies. Green salads are found on the menu of pretty much every dining establishment. It is easy to even choose a little salad with lettuce, carrots, celery and tomatoes, available with fat-free or reduced fat salad dressing, for a few dollars at a large number of fast food places. Additionally, you can make a salad at in your own kitchen in 10 min's, with some pre-washed mixed greans, carrots and several other vegetables and fruits, and a bottle of light salad dressing.

Fresh salads are light, energizing and healthy. A lot of people enjoy eating salads, including teens and young children. You can create salads to suit your food cravings: fresh fruits, chicken breast, olives and perhaps grilled steak.

Listed below are a handful of the best health considerations for why it is important to nibble on a salad each day:

1. Salads are full of fiber. A high fiber diet plan may help lower bad cholesterol and prevent bowel problems.

2. Consuming more fiber can really help you feel fuller, eat a smaller amount, and in the long run lose weight.

3. Try eating salads for the natural health benefits of fruits and veggies. Many health officials recognize that Americans really need to eat more fruits and vegetables. In fact, dark green and brilliantly colored vegetables like broccoli and bell peppers are considered some of the most effective. No matter which vegetables you decide to eat, just start eating more of them tomorrow than you had today.

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