Tagine Cooking - A Brief Introduction

By Adam J Bradley

Home chefs always search for new ideas in cooking or methods to serve their dishes. A method which quite many amateur chefs may have never heard of is tagine cooking. Tagine food is so named since earthenware pots are usually used. These pots are often a circular container covered by a big domed lid. This way of cooking is commonly found in Moroccan cuisine. There are two common types of tagines, i.e. cooking and serving. They are basically the same except for that the serving type are usually glazed and painted in color. Traditionally, tagine cooking was done by burning charcoal, and stews consisting of lamb, fish and chicken were often cooked.

Here are five tips to help you cook healthier and without breaking your budget. Spend at least one hour before your next trip to the super market and plan out meals for the next one to two weeks. Each meal should incorporate a fruit and a vegetable in it so everyone in your family meets a quota of having at least 4 fruits and 4 vegetables in their diet every day. Your shopping cart should also include plenty of whole grains, fish, poultry and beans to round out a balanced diet for your family. If you have questions about what foods make up a balanced, healthy diet you should download the food pyramid. Just go to Google, type in food pyramid and there are plenty of websites to download it from and also plenty of other healthy cooking ideas as well.

The main and key tip for cooking tofu is to drain it well. Remove existing water out of it. You can do this many ways, from squeezing it, pressing it, using a tofu press (device that is dedicated to pressing tofu ) or you can cut it and dry fry it on small heat in non sticky pan without oil. I prefer pressing tofu with some weight and paper towels. Take your time and drain it well. Do not skip this process. Maybe it looks silly and not important but this is crucial step of preparing tofu. The more water you are able to get out of it the better taste it will have in the end. Please take your time and do it right and thorough. You will be impressed with the difference it makes.

Start grilling more or broiling. These methods both require direct exposure of food to heat and will allow fat to drip away from your food.

But if tofu is already full with water there is no free space for new flavours to get in. Even if you marinate it for several hours or even overnight the end result will not be as good as if you dried it well in the first place. When you dry it well it can absorb more flavours in one hour of marinating then compared to overnight marination of non-dried tofu.

Whenever you decide to cook tofu, dry it first. Even if you are preparing raw tofu smoothie it will taste better.

What is next step? Now that tofu is dry prepare marinade of your choice. Whatever you like. Tofu is now ready to absorb other flavours and it is going to taste wonderful. Guaranteed. When preparing marinade you can use whatever you like except tofu marinade does not combine well with oil. Use ginger, garlic, tamari, chilly, and/or any other ingredient.

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