Simple Reasons To Learn About Kitchen Knives

By Melinda Gene

Just about everyone at one time in their lives will have to use a knife, especially in the kitchen. When preparing meals and meats, you will discover that when it comes to doing certain tasks, kitchen knives are not created equal. They have a way of making tasks in cooking and preparing foods a little simpler when they are used right. Of course you can use any knife to cut some foods, but it may not cut other foods that contain bones or have tendons. There are many different types of knives that are designed to do one type of cut exceptionally well.

The most commonly found knife that can be found in virtually every kitchen in the world is some kind of chef knife. They are multi-purpose knives that can be used to do anything from chopping to mincing. They vary in price depending on the size and manufacturer. You should pick the chef knife that fits comfortably in your hand.

Another common knife that can be found in many kitchens is the pairing knife. This type of knife can be used to cut cooked or raw food and is especially known to be able to peel a vegetable or fruit with ease. They are usually a smaller knife so that you get the optimum control.

When you have the task of cleaning fish, nothing beats a good sharp fillet knife. These blades are usually long and narrow with a very sharp edge. Because the knife has such a thin and sharp blade, it can be dulled within a few uses. It is important to keep your fillet knife sharp and clean. Many of them come with a protective sheath and a sharpener that will help you take care of the knife.

A knife with a serrated blade is designed with cutting meat in mind. Many times, steak knives have a serrated blade and they can also be used for cutting tough vegetables as well. If you like bread with a hard crust, a blade with a serrated edge will help you cut through the crust.

If you like to chop your own meats or cut up whole chickens, it is made a lot easier with a cleaver. The cleaver is one of the biggest knives in most sets and collections. It is made to cut through bone. It can also be used to crush spices, such as garlic.

An electric knife can be found in most kitchens as well as manual knives. This type of knife can either be plugged into an outlet or has a rechargeable battery. They are handy to have around if you need to cut a lot of meat in just a short period of time. They work by having one or two blades moving rapidly back and forth.

For more information about kitchen knives, do a little more research on the subject. The more you know about the uses of different types of knives, the easier your work in the kitchen will be.

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