Enjoy a Glass of Shiraz Wine with this Simple Lamb Recipe!

By Nia Lawrence

Shiraz wine is basically known for its distinct dark color. It is so dark that it can sometimes be mistaken for being black even though it really is just dark red. It is also known for its bold taste which is a combination of plum, chocolate, blackberry, and other spices. The truth is that the flavor of this popular drink depends on the place or area where the fruit that is used to create such concoction was grown. Many connoisseurs can attest to the fact that the said type of wine is at its finest flavor within 5 years after being bottled. Other people believe that the original flavors of wine diminish once it is chilled. However, this does not apply to the abovementioned type of wine. Its flavors actually become more apparent when it is served at 64 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a really chilly temperature.

Some people find it distasteful to chill red wine because they think that the rich flavor tends to diminish. Others believe that drinking wine straight from the bottle is much more appealing. However, in the case of Shiraz wines, it is preferable to chill it at a maximum degree of 65. Perhaps, this is one of the many reasons why this type of wine is popular among many countries such as Australia, the United States of America, France, Argentina, and Chile. This type of red wine is looked upon as more than just a typical alcoholic beverage. In western countries, it is considered as an essential necessity that should be on the dinner table. A good bottle of wine can be enjoyed at any time by anyone who can afford it. You do not have to wait for Christmas or any type of occasion for you to have a reason to open a bottle.

Here are the ingredients: a rack of lamb; a couple of basil leaves crushed or julienned; cup of extra virgin olive oil; cup of red wine; a squeeze of one whole lemon; pepper and salt to taste.

The process begins by gathering all elements and marinating it over an hour or so. You may even marinade it through the night. Prepare the oven or griller by simply setting it at a normal cooking heat range. Position the marinated lamb along with the excess contents in an oven-proof dish. Let it sit within the cooker for around 30-45 minutes until the lamb becomes brown and tender. Cut it into serving pieces and match it with mashed spuds or your preferred vegetables.

Shiraz wine complements several other dishes, and the good thing about this drink is that it has the power to enhance the flavors of the food that you want to pair it with while giving you that warm fuzzy feeling that most wines give.

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