Why People Like Coffee So Much?

By Joe Maldonado

There are a lot of facts and reasons why people like coffee so much. Coffee is one of the beverages that a large number of people like. Many people love to start their day by drinking a cup of coffee. Coffee stimulates the brain because it has caffeine in it. First, it makes the neurons in the human body more active. It also produces adrenaline in response to adrenal glands. Your heartbeat increases, your airways open and blood vessels constrict. Your muscles even get tense.

Caffeine causes insomnia. Throughout the day, movement of your brain cells can produce a product named adenosine. Adenosine builds up and binds to the neurons without caffeine and makes them slow down. When adenosine achieves a certain level, you get sleepy.

Caffeine stimulates the brain to release an important chemical named dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and it stimulates an adjacent neuron to fire when released from one neuron. Dopamine is released from the "pleasure centre", which is a part of the brain. When Dopamine is released, it brings feelings of joy and euphoria that make people really happy.

You know that your brain is a source of concentration and creativity. If you are feeling sleepy in the early morning, it means that your brain is not conditioned for that day. If you are feeling sleepy and tired during the day, then it means your brain is worn. If you drink coffee during this time you will definitely feel a great difference. Surveys have shown that when people drink coffee during this time there is a great percentage of increased productivity.

Many people say that it feels good to drink coffee when they have a headache, which could be a side effect of stress. Some percentage of stress can be released after drinking coffee. Coffee also has some anti-cancer properties. Surveys have shown that it lowers rates of breast, colon and rectal cancers. Coffee also has some ingredients that lower blood sugar levels. Recent studies show that coffee even protects women and men from Parkinson's disease.

Interesting Statistics about Coffee Consumption

1) More than 1/3 of the population depends on coffee throughout the day, especially in the morning to perform their jobs.

2) About 45% of people say that their productivity goes down without a cup of coffee while they work. Most common symptoms of withdrawal are fatigue, sluggishness and irritability.

3) Physicians, nurses, engineers, teachers, government workers and machine operators are among such professionals who say they need a large amount of coffee.

4) People can get their shot of caffeine through a cup of tea, coffee, energy drinks, pills and sweets.

5) In the US, the average daily coffee consumption is 3.1 cups.

6) The US has a coffee market of $18 billion. The specialty coffee segment is increasing by 20% each year, and represents about 8% of all coffee sales made.

7) Men and women both drink same quantity of coffee in a day, but women look at the price per cup more than men.

8) Black coffee accounts for 35% of all coffee consumption; the remaining 65% is with sugar and/or cream.

These qualities and interesting statistics are the many reasons why people like coffee so much.

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