Where To Order Your Favorite Exotic Meats

By Michael Jones

You're not likely to find gator tails or rabbit steaks at your neighborhood butcher's shop. But if you like to walk on the culinary wild side, you can still get the meats you crave.

While your local butcher may fall short when it comes to these strange food stuffs, there are many people out there to fill the niche. A quick search online will reveal multiple sources of wild meats. And most can deliver cuts just as fresh as the store down the street.

Most of the rare-meat suppliers you will find online will promise to deliver their products on-time and in the highest quality conditions. They do this by flash-freezing the products on-site, thus preserving their freshness. The meat is also stored in air-tight plastic bags and delivered in freezer trucks.

Weird meats can be found and ordered through a variety of websites and most will take payment in the form of credit or debit cards.

You may also be able to make payments through a PayPal account, though this will not avoid fees for service. Additionally, the supplier will likely include shipping and handling charges as part of the transaction.

Since many people the world round are gaining newfound desire for strange and exotic foods, suppliers now will deliver their wares to even rural and off-the-beaten-path locations.

With the advent of programs like the Travel Channel's "Weird Foods" and "Anthony Bourdain," once niche food suppliers are seeing an increased demand for the products they supply.

Outside of the down-home diners, restaurants are expanding their menus to include edgier and more exotic fare. And those with money to burn and a ken for the unusual are going out of their way to experience these new and interesting flavors.

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