What to look for in a Smoker?

By Lou Johnson

Barbecuing is an ancient concept, and no one is sure about the origins within the word itself. Some state that the word comes from the French phrase "barbe a queue," translated to "from beard to tail," the correct way of spit-roasting entire hogs. Still other sources propose that the expression stems from the 19th-century term for a tavern that combinations a bar, has beer, pool table and serves food, and was playfully dubbed bar-beer-cues.

There are several different kinds of grilling and smoking machines plus kinds of cooking methods. Currently you'll find countless numerous kinds and styles of grills each one offers a unique flavor. All sorts of machine or method gonna offer their particular appeal for assorted cooking situations. Some people are extremely enthusiastic about BBQ they can own 75 grills.

The most common kind of grill is often a propane grill, which can utilize charcoal. A propane grill is what most people use at home. A gas flame ensures steady heat, and this type of grill allows you to cook everything from steaks to delicate fish. It is also a great grill to bake desserts. When you're baking, precise temperature control is a must, and these grills permit you to carefully gauge and maintain a level temperature. A grill that's made of ceramic permits convection cooking just like your home oven, and it is just as fast. In addition many ceramic grills can work as a smoker.

An alternative solution to a grill is a open fire-pit. I would not recommend one until you possess a large amount of experience. Safety is invariably important. The open pit is the closest thing to a true barbecue method, however, nothing can beat it for the flavor it imparts to food - Especially great big pieces of meat. If you will be contemplating creating your own open-pit, do your homework carefully, check the local ordinances after which have fun using your open fire-pit.

A clean grill is actually a tasty grill along with a safe grill. Grease buildup lead to flare-ups and grease fires. Always clean your grill before and after use which has a stiff wire brush. If you barbecue often, you ought to go through two to three grill brushes per year. Finally, rub a light coating of oil onto the grids whenever you grill, to avoid food from sticking and also to make cleanup easier.

What are the right temperatures for grilling?

Cook at 500 to 650 degrees or higher is for searing steaks and chops Cook at 400 to 500 degrees is made for most grilling meats and vegetables. Cook at 300 to 400 degrees is good for grilling hamburgers and sausages. Cook at 300 to 200 degrees is perfect for delicate grilling, including some fish Cooking around 200 degrees for roasting, rotating on a spit and very lean foods. Low heat is the best for southern barbequing.

Remember Barbecue would not be barbecue without using marinades and pastes that add pungent or piquant boost to plain chicken breasts, pork loin, steak, and seafood. So prior to grill, smoke or plank, make sure to rub, dunk and smear them!

Real barbecue is grilling or slow cooking or hot smoking and for the purist, perfect barbecuing only applies to classic, Southern-style slow-cooked pork or beef and they have history on their side. True barbecue is labor and time-consuming. It takes a lot of planning and effort to dig a pit, make a wood fire, lower in a pig, and then wait for hours on end to prepare it. No wonder a lot more people go to their local BBQ restaurant and let them do it do all the work!

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