A Traditional Crayfish Bisque for Family Dinner

By Kathy Smith

Teens who have regular family dinners tend to be likelier to statement getting better grades at school. Teens who have recurrent family dinners are less likely to smoking, drink, abuse prescription drugs and use illegal drug treatments." Teens that have frequent family dinners are more likely to be emotionally happy, to work harder and also perform better in class, to have positive friend relationships, and to maintain healthier eating habits. Due to the importance of frequent household dinners and the highly effective impact parental engagement has in preventing teen substance abuse, people should identify and work to overcome the particular barriers to regular family dining. When compared with teens who have regular family dinners (5 u pto 7 per week), those who have occasional family dinners (fewer than three per week) tend to be: Twice as likely to make use of tobacco; Nearly two times as likely to use alcohol consumption; and one and a half times likelier to use cannabis.

Crayfish Bisque Ingredients:

24 crayfish

one quart tap water

a pair of yellow onions two whole carrots

two stalks celery

four stems fresh parsley four tsp . thyme half a dozen tbsps . of cracker crumbs 1 cup milk

three tbsps . unsalted butter two tbsps flour

pepper and saltsalt/pepper 1 egg, slightly beaten

Instructions: Prepare the crayfish for the bisque by immersing the crayfish in cold water for a half-hour. Scrub carefully; work with a brush to clear out all of the dirt.

After cleaned, put the crayfish in a stock pot together with the water, 1 onion, the carrots, the celery, half the parsley and all of the thyme.

Permit to reach a boil and continue to boil for 25 mins.. Deplete the water from the pot and pour the crayfish in a colander. Remove the meat in the heads and bodies inside the crayfish; set-aside the heads which will be stuffed. Dampen cracker crumbs with milk. Cube crayfish meat and put in into the soaked crumbs.

Finely mince the remainder of the onion; melt the butter, and then combine the onion and 1 tablespoon of flour. Add 1 tablespoon of the crayfish broth and the rest of the parsley. Season with salt and pepper to personal taste. Boil on low slowly for 5-8 min's; add the crayfish and bread crumb blend and cook 2-3 min longer. Remove from the stove and let cool a bit. Stir in the slightly beaten egg. Fill up the crayfish heads with the concoction. Run the crayfish heads in flour and fry in butter until beautifully browned. Cool on paper towels and then keep them warm when making the stock. Melt the rest of the butter. add the rest of the flour and mix until smooth. Strain reserved stock so as to remove celery and carrots. Blend the broth to the butter and flour. Cook on the stove top for 10-12 minutes on low heat; season with even more salt and pepper if to taste. In advance of serving, top with the filled crayfish heads.

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